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[Fic] Changing Channels
Broken inside
Under the cut is a fic meant as a companion piece to the Supernatural episode Changing Channels, explaining where Cas was sent by Gabriel during the episode. It is also a precursor to the verse Holy Fire.

Warnings for blasphemy and torture. If either has the potential to offend, read at your own risk.

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Confession meme
Pretty boy angel

Over-protective!Cas [for ilovemyimpala]
'Exclusivity' is a word that hadn't exactly come up in conversation, yet, but it was one that Cas was pretty much taking for granted. It figured, in his mind, that seeing as how Dean had physically pulled other guys off of him to make his point, it was fair play that he was allowed to do the same. He wasn't completely changed from the angel he had been, either, and devotion still ran strong in his personality. Devotion to alcohol, to drugs, and now to Dean.

What he didn't quite get, however, was human body language. He couldn't differentiate between Dean just chatting with the girls behind the bar, and giving them his room number for when they get off shift later. And being with Dean now, sleeping with him, had awoken some sort of extreme protectiveness and jealousy inside of him. He was stuggling with Dean so much as looking at anyone else, never mind engaging in conversation. And, right now? He was pretty certain the other man was taking far too long at the bar.

Getting up from the table they'd grabbed on arrival, uncaring if it got taken by someone else, he strode up the bar and fisted his hand in the back of Dean's jacket. "Find your own," he spat at the barmaid, not bothering to wait and see whether their conversation was in the slightest bit flirtatious, before roughly yanking Dean away and out the door.

"Cas, man, what the f-"

Cas's lips were against Dean's before the other man had a chance to finish his profanity, whole body pressing him hard into the wall and lips crushing against lips.

"She doesn't get you," he finally replied when he pulled back for breath. "Nobody gets you. You're mine."

Wildly inappropriate!Cas [for ilovemyimpala]
Castiel was confused, to put it mildly. He had honestly tried hard to do exactly what Dean had told him to do, at the feast that night, hadn't put a foot out of place. He'd sat in the right place, eaten and drunk to keep up appearances, had even kept his hands off of Dean because those sorts of behaviours were, apparently, not appropriate at the high table. Dean had assured him that, if he did as he was told, they would be able to leave quickly and retire to their chambers, and at no point had him ending up in the cells with strict orders not to leave enter the conversation.

And yet, here he was. He could get out in an instant, of course, stone walls and metal bars posing no barrier to him, but Dean had mumbled under his breath as he'd left him that this would all be resolved fastest if he just sat tight until someone came to fetch him. Trusting Dean, as always, he did as he was commanded to do, though that didn't make him any less confused.

As promised, he had been sat on the straw covered floor less than an hour when Dean returned, alongside Camelot's king, both of them laughing as they looked at him. Castiel wasn't sure he cared for that, much. Getting to his feet, he frowned at the both of them, though grudgingly nodded his thanks as Arthur unlocked the gate and let him out.

"You did not tell me about this part of the evening," he chastised Dean as he moved to stand at his side. "You assured me we would go from the hall to our chambers."

"Well, yeah," Dean was obviously fighting hard not to laugh. "I just wasn't... kinda didn't expect you to commit treason at the dinner table."


"Yeah. Just... next time? Try not to tell the whole court the King's actually shagging his advisor."

Intoxicated!Cas [for ilovemyimpala]
Wide-eyed head tilt
Being human, it turned out, was a far more complex process than Castiel had originally thought. The time he had spent watching Dean when he was still an angel had taught him the basics, but now it was becoming apparent that his understanding had been... limited.

Take the current situation, for example. The recently fallen angel already appreciated that, to survive, he must both eat and drink. He also appreciated that Dean drunk, a lot. Logic put the two together, in his mind, and he didn't think twice when, on looking in the fridge in their current motel room, he found the six pack of beer. Beer was drink, and drink was crucial to survival.

Six bottles later, and Castiel was one particularly merry man. He didn't really get why Dean seemed less than impressed, when he got back from his current hunt, but a huge hug and sloppy kiss seemed to fix that problem. In fact, it did a lot more than fix the problem, seeing as how Dean's next move was to grab his hand and take him straight to bed.

Of course, in the morning, he'd learn a real lesson in just what drinks were and weren't suitable for drinking in large quantities over a short period of time, and Dean would doubtless have to explain to him about alcohol and hangovers. But, for that night, Castiel was pretty proud of himself.

[RP for iamwinchester]
Team Awesome [Dean]
Castiel has always been able to hear Dean's prayers. He's never told the Winchester, pretty sure that that would be a sure fire way of stopping the man from praying in the first place, but he hears them all the same. He's never been certain why, but he figures it's because he was sent to rescue him from Hell, and guide him afterwards.

It's no different this time, when Dean mutters he wants air and leaves him alone against the door of Bobby's panic room. He hears the prayers as clearly as if Dean's still stood next to him; and he aches to answer. To provide the help the eldest Winchester is crying out for. But he's not sure how. His own powers are failing fast, their last escapade showing that he can't even keep Jimmy under proper control any more. What chance did he have, now, of helping defeat Lucifer?

But the longer the prayers go on, the more his resolve crumbles. Maybe he can't help, but he has to try. He'd heard Famine's words, even if he'd been powerless to do anything about them, and he had no doubt that they'd been the truth. Dean Winchester's soul was dead and broken, and if nothing else, he hoped he could do something about that.

Flying after Dean's voice, Castiel appeared suddenly in front of the human, face showing a hint of sympathy. "I can help," he offered, quietly, before taking a step forward to press completely into Dean's personal space. Tilting his head slightly, he pressed an amateur kiss to Dean's lips.

Out cold
*on bed, staring at the ceiling*

[RP for iamwinchester]
Castiel hadn't been ready to return to the 21st century, but hindsight was a fantastic thing. When he'd awoken in the honeymoon suite Dean had placed him in, his only thought was on getting back to his own time, back to the Winchester brothers. He needed to make sure Sam was alive, than both he and his brother were safe. So, he'd gone, and he'd barely managed a look at the brothers before the darkness took him yet again.

He had no idea how long he'd been out for, all he knew was that when he next came around it was dark. And he was staring up at a ceiling. And he was on a bed, of some kind. Grunting, Castiel tried to sit himself up, but his vessel was refusing to cooperate. He managed little more than a pathetic scrabble at the bedcovers with his hands, before groaning and giving up.

Sexy!Cas [for ilovemyimpala]
Back to back [Dean]
For the third time in as many minutes, Cas tugged awkwardly at his waistcoat, frowning at his reflection in the mirror. When had he suddenly got so... old? He raked an annoyed hand through his hair and sighed, before turning his eyes away and across the bedroom.

"What you frowning for?" Dean questioned, catching Cas's look and sliding off of the bed to bring his arms around the other man's waist. "Today's not meant to be a day for frowning."

"Yeah, I know," Cas forced a smile, turning back to the mirror and resting his hands atop of Dean's over his stomach.

"He's a good guy, y'know."

"Yeah, I know," Cas repeated, resting his head back against Dean's shoulder.

"Then what's bothering you?"

"Feels like yesterday it was our wedding day, love. Now it's our little girl's. I feel so old. I look so old."

"Baby?" Dean grinned, bent down slightly to kiss at his husband's neck and ran a hand through his grey hair, "You're as sexy as ever to me."


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